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Daytime Hours

As mentioned in First Steps, we have to make a clear distinction  between our daytime hours and our nighttime hours.  Your daytime hours are generally the hours that you are at work.  No matter what shift you work, your “daytime” hours affect your habits.  The habits that are most directly impacted are listed as follows:

  • What you eat
  • Times you eat and workout
  • Times you rest

Though those 3 things are fundamental, not many of us have mastered them.  Take the time to write out what those 3 things look like for you, and then ask yourself the following questions:  How many meals a day are you eating?  How many snack sessions are you having?  How do you eat after work?  Do you immediately go to bed after eating?  How or what time do you go to the gym?  Or let’s say you prefer body weight and resistance workouts.  What time do you do your fitness and where?  A lot of times when things get too complicated, we shrug them off after “attempting” to introduce new habits.  I’m not telling you to go to bed hungry, I’m asking you to be mindful of Time, Food, and Rest.  You can only see true progress when all 3 are in sync.

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