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What Do Results Look Like

Alright, I have a bunch of list.  How do I use them?  Your BMI is your measuring stick for your results.  Depending on your BMI, your goal should be to decrease your personal BMI into a healthy range for you.  That means if your sleep, eating habits, and fitness aren’t up to snuff, you should start working on them one at a time.  In which ever order works best for you, change something in 1 of those 3 categories for 30 days before introducing something new from one of the other categories.

If that appears to be moving too slow, try changing something in all 3 categories.  For example, go to bed an hour earlier, stop eating after 7pm, don’t eat before 7 am, and walk a mile everyday for a month.  If your BMI is in the healthy range, then your job is to evaluate your actual physical condition.  Can you do 10 proper military push-ups?  Does walking up two flights of stairs make you feel like you’re dying a slow painful death?  Then you already know what your result is.   Hit the stairs!  Do the push-ups!  Everyday.  For a month.  Walk those stairs until walking up and down 5 flights of stairs 2 times or more is a piece of cake!  You can commit to this.  Also, in case you’ve lost your original lists, the steps to recreate them are listed below.

You have everything you need to start taking your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle.  The list outlined in previous post can be used repeatedly to push yourself and continue making changes.  Still not sure what your results should look like or have further questions, send us a message and we’ll be happy to help.

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